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Spinta Capital Launches Dedicated Debt Advisory Platform

Situation: Most agree that, for the emerging growth company, well-structured debt accelerates revenue generation and boosts equity value. What is less understood is that today there are more lending options than eve​r​ for fast-growing mid / late stage technology companies ($10-100m+ revenue)​​. ​Structures, terms, and credit philosophies vary widely across a diverse set of lender types that extend far beyond the traditional “venture-debt” players.

In addition, technology company investors and management teams tend not to be credit-focused and do not have full perspective on appropriate use of debt, or the shifting sands of today's debt ecosystem.

Our idea: Engage growth debt ​​experts to help navigate and capitalize on the debt marketplace; achieve the optimal result with the right lending partners.

How it works: A coordinated and well-developed capital-raising strategy touches all relevant lenders among banks, private funds, public BDC funds, and hedge funds. This process yields a medley of potential solutions from which to analyze, negotiate, and drive toward closing.

Benefits: In short Spinta saves issuers time and maximizes the probability of achieving a flexible, low-cost financing solution. Sensitive to minimizing capital cost, we operate with a very lean fee structure that is success-based.

About us: Spinta Capital is a leading independent advisory firm dedicated to helping technology growth companies efficiently procure debt capital for business expansion. We possess a unique blend of advisory, operating, and commercial lending backgrounds that collectively bring valuable perspective to our process.

With an experience base of more than $1.7 billion / 55+ completed debt financings, we help management teams and equity holders benefit from ​low cost solutions that leverage assets, minimize dilution, and fuel growth.

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